Why do I drink?  Do I drink out of habit? Or is a family tradition?  Or could it just be an addiction.
I try to quit, but I cannot stop.  I drink to relax and forget my troubles. I drink to forget,
and forget sometimes I do.
I search for help, but it's just not there.  I look, I search, I pray.  Will I ever be able to quit? 
Or will I keep on drinking?  Will I live, or will I die?  Like others, I like the high, but I dislike the low.
I fall asleep at night with my head spinning. 
I awake each morning with my head in pain.
Then I have to ask myself why? 
Why must I keep hurting myself so.  I just keep telling myself that I need this,  I need this.
But why?
I continue to ask myself why?  Is it fear, is it? Or am I afraid of what tomorrow may bring? Will I be strong or will I be weak?
Will I  give into temptation once more?  To afraid  To look, or ask for help.  Will I be laughed at or will I be ignored? 
Will anyone please hear my plea, will anyone help me?  Help me please?  Help me from my pain and agony.
I keep telling myself that today is the day. The day that I can forever say, I drink no more.
  My mind, my heart, my soul is free

Witten by, Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr. Augaust 2, 1989