If I had not spent so much time with the contents of a bottle, I would not have wasted so much valuable time.
If I had not wasted so much valuable time, I could have spent more quality time with this beloved family of mine.
For ten years plus, my mind and body had been lost on the inside of a bottle.
I should have quit the bottle many years ago.  I could have quit many years ago.
I could have quit many times over. I could have easily quit, if someone would have asked me to do so.
I would have quit then, if I only knew then what I know now. I would always ask myself, why should I quit?
But instead always found a good excuse for why I shouldn't quit.
I used the same old excuse every time, and every time my life got further and further behind.
My little excuses took me away from what really mattered the most to me.
My excuses became my habit, and my worthless habit caused me to spend too much time with the ones that I thought were my friends.
All those wasted years, all those wasted tears.  All was not in vain.
Because one spring day I stopped making up excuses, and I finally quit the habit.
I got my head on straight and now I know where I am going.
As for my so-called friends, they no longer come around anymore.
They no longer know that I exist. The day that I quit the habit was the day my so-called friends quit on me.
Looking back over the last few years of my life, I have found that I do not miss my old habit, and I definitely do not miss my old friends.
I have all that I will ever need everyday of my life.  I have all that I will ever need every time that I see the face's of my children, and my loving wife.
My family is the only thing that matters to me.  Every minute of my life is now time well spent.

Written by, and for Kenneth Murel Crum Jr. /  March 10th 1996

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