The other side of me. The side that no one ever sees but me.
This is the side that feels the pain, the heartaches and the sadness.
I am the weaker one. The one that breaks down at the sound of your
goodbye. When there is no one else around I sometimes break down
and cry.

The other side of me sees and hears me and begs me not to
cry.  He tells me to be strong.  Except the pain.  Absorb the heartaches
and forget about the sadness.  The other side of me says to stand up
and be strong.  Your fears will all come to pass before to long.

The other side of me is always telling me not to look at it as
goodbye.  Think of it as hello. Never think of it as a lie.  The other
side of me knows me inside and out.  And I know the  other side of
me just as well.  The two of us will remain together until the day that
we die.

Written by, Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr.     March 23, 1992