Early one afternoon while I was maintaining the final resting-place of a dearly departed friend of mine,  I happened to hear the sound of a young child crying.
After I had completed my task, I ended my visit with Jack.  I thought that I would visit the little girl who was weeping over a gravestone all alone.
The little girl looked up at me as I approached her, then I asked, why do you weep so little girl?  She replied back to me, my daddy, she paused for a moment in silence and began to weep once more.  Your daddy I asked, yes she replied, my daddy is dead. 
I understand honey, I understand.
As she wiped away her tears, I replied, look around you sweetheart, tell me what you see?  The little girl softly replied, I see the tree's, I see the green grass, and I see lots of graves.  Is that all you see I asked? Yes the little girl replied. Look again, and tell what else do you see. It all still looks the same Mister.
Let me share with you, what I see.  The little girl stopped weeping and quietly listen to what I had to say.  I looked at her and this is what I said.  As I look around me, I see beauty; I see the clear blue sky.   And yes, I also see the trees, and I see the green grass.
When I close my eyes and I listen, I hear peace and quiet.  Close your eyes, tell me if you can see the beauty, can hear the sweet sound of serenity?  Do you see it?, can you hear it?  Can you understand what I am talking about?   The little girl replied, yes Mister, I can see it, I can hear it, and yes Mister, I understand.
The little girl and I both reopened our eyes.   The little girl looked up at me and began to smile. I smiled back at the little girl and then I asked, you love your daddy don't you honey?  Yes Mister I do she replied.  I love him very much.  I know that your daddy must love you very much too.
Honey, your daddy may not be here with you in body, but your daddy is always with you in your heart.  My heart the little girl asked?  Yes I answered, when two people love each other very much, and when that someone that you love is not around, you hold your love for them in your heart.
Do you understand what I am talking about I asked.  The little girl tried to smile again and answered, yes mister, I do understand.  I began to explain to the little girl, when you come to visit you daddy it's okay to cry for him, but do not cry for him because he is dead, but cry and be happy for your daddy, because he lives with you in your heart.
The little girl looked up at me and gave me an understanding smile.  The little girl said to me, thank you very much Mister.  I understand what you have shared with me and I will never forget what you have said to me. My mommy and I will love my daddy forever. And we will always miss him. 
The little girl continued to talk, my mommy works a lot, and can't come and see my daddy that much.  Then the little girl looked up at me and curiously asked, hey mister, who did you come to visit?  I smiled and said, well honey I came to visit a very good friend of mine.
Like your daddy my friend was called away to Heaven just a little ahead of his time.  And just like you  hold a warm place for your daddy in your heart, my friend Jack will always have a place in mine.  The little girl quickly stared down the street, and then looked back at me just as fast then said, Mister, I have to go now, mommy and me live just down the street with grandma. 
My grandma takes care of me when my mommy goes to work.  Grandma lets me visit my daddy as long as I do not stay gone for very long, my grandma is probably wondering where I am now. 
Okay honey, just remember what we have talked about.  The little girl replied, I will Mister, I will, goodbye, and thank you very much for sharing the beauty of life with me.  As the little girl began here short journey back home, she turn around back towards me and said, hey Mister!  I think I'll share what you told me with my mommy, I think that she needs to know that my daddy still lives with us the both of us in our hearts.
I think she has a day off soon and I will ask her to come with me on my next visit and I will share with her the beauty that I see, and the serenity that I hear. 
As I watched the little girl walk safely across the street to her grandma's house, I begin to think of how much courage the little girl has.  What a brave little girl to visit her daddy all alone.  Love, even in death love is all around us, and everywhere that we look, there is love.
Before I left the cemetery to head back to my home, I walked back over to visit my friend Jack once more.  Well Jack I said, it's time for me to go, thanks for listening to me.   oh, one more thing Jack, would you do me a big favor?  Then with a tear in my eye I asked, jack, if it's not asking too much, could you keep a watchful eye on the little girl when she comes to visit her daddy? 
And if by some chance she is not able to come and visit her daddy, will you let him know how much she and her mommy love him.  I paused for a moment as if waiting for his reply.  Well buddy, I need to get going as well, but I'll return to visit you soon, and if one day I am not able to visit, please remember that you are my friend, I miss you and I will always love you.      Your friend Ken.

                                                                                                     Kenneth Murel Crum Jr August 27th 1994 ©

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