Six feet under and I am as happy as can be. Look at all of the people looking at me.  Bury me low, and bury me deep. Bury my body beneath an old oak tree.
People listen don't you weep.  I am six feet under and as happy as can be.  I'm so happy and your so blue.  My life is now over and my day's are all through.
So please stop your grieving  and your weeping too.  Because next time you may be here with someone crying over you.  And then like me your life will be over and all your day's will be through.
I lived slow, and I lived fast.  And now my life is finaly over at last.  look towards the future and not the past.  look at all the people, look at the mass.
My favorite food was spicy and hot.  My favorite colors were only red.  Your still alive, and I am not.  I am now six feet under and I am good and dead.
Nothing more to see nothing more to say.  My flesh and bones lie quietly resting in tranquillity. 
I am six feet under and I am as happy as I can be............

        Written by, Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr.