The life of a preachers kid isn't so bad, it's better then the life I could have had.
I am happy to be a preachers kid. I am happy because my daddy  could have been a drunk,
addicted to drugs, and smoking all kinds of junk.
My daddy is a preacher, and a very good man. 
He preaches to us about God and His never ending love.
I am happy to be a preachers boy, and I look forward to Heavens peace and joy.
I cant' wait to go to the Heavens in the sky.
I am looking forward to supper time around that big supper table with our Lord.
After all of our family has past away,
we will all be together again in Heaven.
Heavenly Angels will be singing day and night,
the Heavenly streets of gold will glisten in Gods light.
Everybody will be happy shareing God's love, His happiness, and joy.
I am looking forward to all of these things someday.
But until that day, I'd like to say, that the life of  preachers kid, is more then okay.

Written by, Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr  March 10, 1976