Our Planets

It all started  a long time ago.
I had no insight of what I wanted to be or do.  I had no concept of who I was or where I wanted to go.   Then one day I decided that I wanted to be with a girl like you.
Therefore, I left my far away planet and started my long journey in search of you.  After a short time I found you, and I knew  right then that I wanted  to spend the rest of my life with no one else but you.
I came from a far away star and realized there is no better place then where you are.  You stole my heart away from the planet that I thought I would never part.  Therefore, here I am on this planet that you call Earth. 
From this moment forward from your soul I will never part.  You are human, I am only half.  Still the human side of me is much stronger, yet it is weaker then the alien side of me.
I thank my father for being who and what he was. I thank my mother for being the beautiful human that she was.  My father and mother both taught me to love my people.  My parents taught me to love the many different people in our enormous and beautiful universe.  Our planets, yours and mine.
I hope that you have learnd as much from my world as I have learned from yours.  I have learned so much in my life time.  Now after so many light years of living, like my father it is time for me to part.  I am sorry that it all has to end before we even had the chance to start.
Many years ago my father had to leave my mother.  I am sorry that I must now leave you as well. I am sorry to have to leave the love of my life alone with a broken heart.  I want you to know that you are just a beautiful as she was.  Your love will always remain deep inside of my heart.
Our worlds are sometimes very cruel.  Cruelty can bring so much sadnees and lonelinees into our lives.  As beings, we must all continue to advance forward.  We must all continue to travel through life and except it's pain.  We need to except all of lifes heartache's and strife.
I thank our God's that I have left you first.  Losing you before my life was over would hurt me the worst.  In my heart your love and your beauty will always remain. Memories of our joyful and devoted time together my heart will always thirst.
I have been taught that it does not matter from which planet you are from.  It doesn't matter who you are, or where you come from.   It's what you hold dear in your heart that matters most.  True love is the one thing that will always hurt the worst.

   Witten by,  Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr   July 25, 1993

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