Rose's are red, white, yellow, and sometimes blue.  Voilets come in a variety of colors too.  Surgar is so sweet, and honey is too.  The grass grows green and the sky is a beautiful shade of blue.  But honey, nothing can ever be more beautful then the beauty that I see in you.
The potpourri color of the rose will bud and bloom at the break of day.  The violets will blossom and soon fade away.  The green in the grass may turn to brown,  the blue in the shy may turn to grey.  But nothing can change the beauty that I see in your eye's each and everyday.
The beauty of the rose comes to life each and every morning.   The violets beauty shines throughout the day  As long as the sweet nector of the rose attracts the honey bee.  As long as the birds sing thier song of love from a top the tree.. Honey, there will aways be a you and me.
The rose's will bloom along side of the volets to adorn the day.   And as the seasons change, the beauty of the rose will whither and will die.  As the seasons come and go, as sure as the spring will always bring back the beauty of the world.  There we always be a you and I.
To the sweerest thing that God ever made.  For a rose with all the beauty of the rainbow.  This is my poem of love that I pray will last a life time.  Rose's are red, violets are blue.  Surgar is sweet and love is too.  Honey, Please be my mine.  Be my beautiful Valentine until the end of time. 

Written by, Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr. January 24, 1997