My Journey into Space

It’s a beautiful night, the stars are out, the moon is shinning bright.  It’s so clear out I can see the big dipper. I can see the big star in the north as I gaze deeper into the Heavens. I can clearly see the many different sized stars. I can see the many far and distant planets.
I soon find myself on my way; I am on my way into a short journey into space.  As I pass through the cosmos, I can see many different sized comets.  I see the many different colors of light.  Lights that shine throughout this enormous universe.
As I pass by Saturn, I marvel at its many colorful rings that surround its beauty. I can almost feel the heat from the Sun as I pass by.  Our universe, what a beautiful site to behold.
As I travel on my journey into space, I begin to wonder if I am the only living creature out here.  Could there be some other being out here asking them self the same question as I am?  I wonder, I really wonder.
As I journey back home to planet Earth I will always remember my beautiful journey into space.  I will always remember the many splendid lights that I had seen on my journey.
As I touch down, I pause for a moment.  Could this have been real?  Could I have traveled into space?  Was this a dream, could I have traveled into space and returned, in what seems only minutes?
Can this be possible, or is this a dream, a dream that one day may become real? I wonder, I really wonder!


   Witten by,  Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr   February 2, 1992

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