Hear I sit in a corner booth at a corner coffeehouse.
Not more than a dollar to my name.  I'm afraid to go home to my children and my spouse.  It's not that I am afraid to see my family.  I'm just afraid to go home.  It's been said that home is where the heart is, and yes I believe that this is true.  But my heart is slowly being pulled out.  My mind is going around in circles and my face is beginning to turn blue.

You would think that I would want to go home.  But I can't right now. 
I need to relax for a little while.  I'll drink another cup of joe, then after my face has regained it's smile, I'll stop my stalling, I'll stop my self pity writing and I'll go.  There is no need for me to hurry.  My cup is half full and I am going to drink it nice and slow. 

No thank you please.  I think that I have had enough and I am going to go home.  One more trip to the little boys room and then I am out of here.  I sat there all alone and no one even noticed me.  I wonder if anyone really even cared?   I do, my children and my wife do.  So I'll just take one last sip of my joe.  I'll throw away my empty and out the door I go.

                                   Kenneth Murel Crum Jr.  March 20th 1996  ©