He's my Dad

He's my dad, and I have loved him through all of the good times, as well as all of the bad.  Whenever I needed someone to talk to, I could always, no matter what; I could always talk to my dad.

My dad is the one who taught me right from wrong, and whenever I was feeling down and lonely, he was the one he told me to smile, and to always sing a gospel song.

Whenever I had problem in life, he was always there to help me through my worries and strife. 

My dad, was always the one who said to think positive son, and don't let this Old World get you down.

Yes!  Whenever I had a problem, he was always there, and he was never so far away that he could not be found.

There were a whole lot of unanswered questions I suppose, and maybe there were a whole lot of questions that I never asked.  Nevertheless, whenever I did have a question, you can bet he was always there with the answer.

As a little boy I always wondered where he got all his knowledge, I guess the Lord only knows.  Yes, he's my dad, and I can see him in me more and more every day.

As I grow up along side my own two boys, I hope that I will always be there for them as well, and if either one of them ever have a problem in life, I hope that I am the one that they come to and tell.

Yes, he's my dad, and as I become older I hope that, if I have gain knowledge of anything from what he has taught me, I hope that I can pass on the knowledge I have learned to my children.  I hope that I am at least half as wise as he is, and if my children have learned anything from me, then they can thank their grandfather.

He's my dad, and if I turn out to be anything like my dad, then you can bet that would be more than okay.

                  Kenneth Murel Crum Jr.    May, 28, 1995/November 8, 2002 ©

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