There's a little boy inside of me that wants to cry out.  But the man on the outside says no way.
The boy may be sick but the man will not let his pain show through.
I can feel the pain deep inside of me, but I can't let it out.
I don't mean to be dishonest and hide the pain from the boy, but I can't see the truth in letting him suffer with the pain.
I can't see why I should be the one to take away his pleasure and his joy. 
I keep telling the little boy inside if me that it will all go away.
And as a man, I don't know what else I can do or say.  I can't make the hurt, or the pain go away.  All I can say is he has to learn to except it.
Do not worry little boy do not cry.  Please try to smile and be happy.  Tomorrow is a brand new day little boy.
So go to sleep and dream, dream all your worries and troubles away. Tomorrow will be a brand new day, keep your spirits up and maybe tomorrow you can go out and play.
The little child on the inside of me is hurt, and so much afraid.  The little boy hurt on the inside is too young to understand the mysteries of life.
And this man on the outside is too damn old and stubborn to change a thing.  So go to sleep my child, and relax your worried mind.
Go to sleep and leave your troubles behind. Tomorrow is a brand new day, and the answer we just may find.

Written by, Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr.    Sept 28, 1994