Life on the rock, ain't no good life at all.  I'm here with the other inmates blowing my life away with a spoon and a straw.  Life on the rock, ain't no place to be, and life on the rock, ain't no place for me.   I serve on the rock eight days a week; somedays I over work myself and it's hard to understand me when I speak.  I'm throwing my life away, and on the rock someday I'll pay. 
Life on the rock, ain't no fun, Lord please take me away.  I'm on the rock, and I miss my wife and my son.  I'm on the rock and I just don't care.  I'm on the rock, and I can still get off if I care to make a dare.  Clear the table, clear the room, clear my mind of all those awful thoughts.  No more on the rock do I want to share. 
Lord, please help me to get my body and soul out of here.  Life on the rock, just makes me paranoid and scared.  Lord, grant me my request, and grant me this prayer.  Life on the rock, ain't no place to be.  Lord forgive me, Lord please hear my plea.  My time on this rock is now served.  I'm off the line, and my mind, my heart and my soul are right where they belong. 
Life on the rock ain't no life at all.  Life on the rock was no pleasure trip or joy.  The rock was just a disease that took me away from my wife and my boy.  Life on the rock could have been a sudden death.  I'm so happy to have a friend in JESUS, a friend who in my darkest hour, my hour of need, will always be there to help me make it through.
Life on the rock, was a sad and awful place to be and to serve.  My rockin days are all over, my mind, my heart, and my soul have been turned around and now I am on the right road.  I'm off the rock, and I'm on the road to happiness.  I'm leaning towards a brand new day, I'm leaning on a brand new rock.
Rock of ages, and he abides with me, I'm leaning on the everlasting arm of JESUS.  His amazing grace has set me free, and I am no longer lost, the road I am on is no longer dark, and I can finally see the light.  For GOD is the light and the rock that I am leaning on tonight.  I know now that there is only one rock to safely lean on. 
This new rock that I am on today is just as addictive, but it is a much safer rock to lean on.  How ironic that I am right back where I started from, I'm back on the rock, but a rock of happiness of another kind.
The rock of sin is no place to be and I gladly leave that heavy o' rock behind.  I have a brand new habit, and this rock of ages is safely on my mind. 
I served my time, and I paid the price, I'm living a new life in the arms of GOD.  I'm hooked on a brand new rock, I'm hooked on GOD, and I'm hooked on the almighty rock of ages.

           Life on the rock ain't no bad place to be after all.  Life on the rock!

                  KENNETH "MUREL" CRUM JR                        DECEMBER 2, 1994 ©  

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