Let Them Be
Oh let them be. Those three strands of gray hair no longer bother me.
What little I have left on my head, is now turning gray once more.
These three strands of gray no longer bother me like they did the year before.
I use to pray for strands of blue. Hec, at one time I thought that any color would do. 
Oh well, Let them be, there's really not that much left up there for the world and me to see.
No body really care's about the color of my hair but me, but any old color will do.
Oh what the hec, O Father time was bound to cacth up with me.
We use to think that it was funny, strands of blue we'd always say, me and my honey. 
But now we take the changes of life a little bit more serious.
It's just a few more strands of gray, oh the hec with them, I'll just let them be, it does'nt really matter any more to me.
I use to pull them out one by one, but it never really ever got the job done. they would always come back to me, one by one.
Then three or four more would always return to a place on my bald shinny head, at a place where there was once none.
I use to be afraid if getting older and having my hair turn gray., I did not like the rules in O Father time's game.
I guess that when it comes to our old age, it seems that we are always giving O Father time the blame.
I am all through with all of those messy hair dye's.  I am all through with that messy gunk that is always getting into my eye's.
I f growing gray hair on my balding head as I grow old is the worst of my fates,  then the hec with it.
I'll just have to except it. I will have to learn to live with it.
I'll just have to let those ever growing strands of gray hair be.

Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr.    Febuary 28 thru October 8th 1995