In A Prison

I am locked in a prison by myself.  I am always looking towards the future and not my past.  I look forward to the day when this prison is gone at last.
This prison that I live in has no walls, no ceiling and no floor.  This prison that I live in is locked deep inside of my head, and the door will not be unlocked until I am found stone cold dead.
I am deadlocked between two worlds, one is reality and the other is stuck in the back of my mind. I love both of these worlds, but I can't leave either one of them behind.
The prison that I live in is filled with both love and hate.  The day that it will all be over my mind just cant wait.
In my prison I love the ones that you hate, and I hate the ones that you love.  Although the ones that we love and hate came from love, and from God above.
In my prison I won't talk to the ones that you love.  In my prison you won't talk to the ones that I love.
We are both stuck in the middle, we are both are both in a prison.  We are both locked in here whether we like it or not.
Let's call a truth, and maybe love will hit the spot.  Come on inmate; let's give it a shot.  How can life be happy and so full of joy if we are not.
I think it is a prison, and yet we both know that it is reality.  I have forgotten the past, and I look forward to the future.
But how can I look forward to the future, when one of us is still stuck in the past. 
I guess that it will all end when my life is over and has passed. 
I love you, and you love me, is this the way that it should really be, I THINK NOT.
We were born to be as one, and nothing on this earth should ever make our love come undone.
We must all learn to live together, and we must all learn to live together as one.  I say all this in the name of our Father, the Holy Ghost, and in the name of the Son.
All love is meant to be shared as one.  Sometimes we are all lost in our own little prisons, and we all try to hide the truth and reality.
I know that it is hard as hell to hide our past.  I Ken, will always hide the past, for as long as I last. I am always thinking of my family and our future.
I have no time to worry about the past.  You can worry about the past all that you want, you can worry until there all gone and have pasted.
From now forward, and until my dying day, lets keep it all in the past.  I am sorry that we are all different, and we all have our little disagreements.
Just remember after I have gone and I have past away, from God above we were all Heaven sent, and these little prisons that we all live in will someday be over and all will be gone.
Our doors will then be closed and never will be opened again.  If these doors are ever opened again, then it will be by God, on our judgment day.
I love you, and I know that you truly do love me.  We should be as one, but in reality we are two.
When it is all over, and it is all done, we will all be together and we will all be as one.  We will all be as one in the face of our Father, the Holy Ghost, and in the face of His Son.
All has ended, but in the end it has only just begun.  In the end there is eternal love, and hate thanks to God, there is none..

                                            Kenneth Murel Crum Jr Feb 7th 1994  ©