I Am

I have no name. I have no home or a stationary place.
I have four invisible walls that surround me.  I have no heart; I have no face.
Although my presence is very distinct, my complexion is just as transparent
as the four walls that surround me.

I have the enormous Heavens above me.  I have the Earth's floor below
me.  I cannot be seen, I can not be touched. I can be felt. I can not be tasted,
though I can be heard, sometimes I can be smelt.

I am not human, nor am I beast.  I can not be around for awhile. Then I can
appear when you expect me the least. I can be a friend, or I can be foe. I can bring
cool air in the summer or I can bring a winter's day warmth.

I can disappear as quickly as I arrived. I can leave heartache and destruction
wherever I go. I can arrive from the East, West, North, or South.  I can move along
my way very quickly, or I can move along very slow.

I have no eyes, nor have I a mouth. I am here by day, and I am here by night.
I have no knowledge, no sense of direction.  I know not what I do. I know not from
wrong or right. I am all around you. I am what you breathe.
I am the all mighty wind.

               Written by, Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr.     October 30th, 1993

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