This temple is still standing; it didn't fall to the ground like I thought it would.
The earth below me did not shake, like I thought it would.  Could it be that the temple of God is truly a sacred and Holy place?

I am safe inside this Holy house of God. 
I am not afraid of the dark, nor am I afraid of the raging storm.  Inside the shelter of God's Holy house I am not afraid of the world outside.

I bow my head in silence; I bow my head in a moment of prayer. 
I bow head in prayer to God, and I lift my eyes to Heaven.
I bow my head in prayer, and for a time I forget all of my earthly troubles and cares.

I know I will leave this place today with a song in my heart.
I will leave knowing that God is with me in my heart.  I know that in God's care I will be safe from all dangers and harm.   I know I will be safe while leaning on God's everlasting arm.

I leave this holy place with a smile.
I leave this devout place with the word of God in my heart.  I know as long as I trust in God, I know that He will forever be by my side, and His guiding hand from me will never part.

Do not be afraid to enter into a pious temple of God,
God is always there, and He will never be afraid to welcome you into His fold, He will never be afraid to welcome you into His heart.

We are all lost sheep who have gone a stray, and God is our Shepherd, and with His guiding light, those who have gone a stray will be found, and will be welcomed back into His Fold, and shall be saved.

God is the guiding light. The truth, and the way.
Reach out to God, reach out to Jesus, Reach out unto the Heavens, reach out to Jesus,
for He is reaching out to you.


                                 Kenneth Murel Crum Jr December 18th 1994  ©