Dynamite Dan

Dynamite Dan Is a Big Rig Rollin man, he hauls his loads of dynamite just as fast as he can.  When the other truckers see a speedy big rig coming down the road. They all know it's big trucker Dynamite Dan.

You see all of the truckers know big Dan is the bravest trucker they have ever seen.  They say that big Dan is tough and he is mean.  Big D will haul everything from grocery goods to nitroglycerin.

All of the truckers talk of big trucker Dan.  Nothing bad of course cause he's so tough and mean.  They say that one of these days big Dan is going to haul his last. Then Dynamite Dan will be a legend from the past.

Truckers will talk of big trucker Dan forever.  As the truckers pass each other on the highway where big Dan lost his life, they will all pause for a moment of silence to pay their respect to the bravest trucker of them all, big trucker Dynamite Dan.

                 Kenneth Murel Crum Jr.  Minnesota, somewhere in the winter of 1975