I'd like to write about my happy thoughts.
But I always seem to write about the unhappy ones.
When it comes to happy thoughts they are few. When it comes to unhappy thoughts I know them well and I write about them by the ton.
I have had so many unhappy thoughts.  But when it comes to love I have only one.
I would be more then happy to trade in all of my sad and unhappy thoughts for more happy thoughts then one.
But I am sorry to say, I have only sad and unhappy thoughts by the ton.
One day soon I hope to write down all of my happy thoughts. But for now and until then I will only write about my sad and unhappy thoughts.
Besides, I have had these sad and unhappy thoughts longer, and I have them by the ton.....

   Writtien by, Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr   April 19, 1994