Adam and Aaron Crum, to sing this song, it won't take long.  And if you sing it sweet, with a rappin beat, it will sound real sweet.

             Yo!  A, B, C,   please listen to me. 
A one, a one two three.  Adam and Aaron please listen to me,  I've been working on my car, and I haven't got far. 
                     I have painted  some part's, and the color that you see comes striaght from the heart.  I've painted some stuff, so don't you touch,
                     cause if you do I'm gonna haft to muss you up.  So if you touch anything you'll know once, and I'll know too.
                     So please dont touch, if you know what's good for you.  Don't touch a thing and I'll be glad.  But if you do then I'll be mad.
                     So do what I say, and we'll get along, that's the reason why I wrote this song. 
                     I ran out of stuff, so I ran to the store, and I will return as soon as I get some more. 
                     So please be good little boy's, and don't mess with my toy's.
                     I'll be right back, I'll be back soon. The time that I left was about half past noon.

                     A one two, a one two three,  I love you, and you love me.  I'll be back in a twinkle,  signed your daa, daa, daddy.

       Witten by, Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr.   March 1, 1994