An Angel

An Angel looking over my shoulder, one day said to me, I would marry a girl by the name of Jayne Marie Holder.  I was just a few years younger, which meant that she was a few years older.  I was just a little bit shy, but around her I was always a little bit boulder.

 I loved her from the very start, I remember she would always tell me “that for her" I was much too young of a guy.  I never let those words break my heart; I would never let those words make me cry.

 Weeks and months went slowly by, I sent her flowers, and I sang her love songs.  Then one spring day to the power of love, she finally gave in.  Jayne finally fell head of heels in love with a shy guy named Ken.

 Many years had gone by and we both decided that it was time for us to wed.  It was a beautiful November day and all of God's' Angels were singing. 

My love, my heart, will always be true to the words that the preacher said.  We will love and honor, and be faithful.    The love that we share in our hearts will always be true even after we both have gone, and our earthly bodies are dead.

Many more years on down the road, and now two children later, Jayne and I are both still very much in love with each other.  Many, many thanks to that Angel who quietly watches over my shoulder, the Angel who gave me that wonderful message so many years ago.

I truly believe there is a great Creator that we all call God, and I believe there are beings in Heaven that we call Angels.  Though we may not always see, or hear them, we can always feel their presence.  I have found myself an Angel, though she may not have wings or a halo, she is an Angel, an Angel indeed.

                        Kenneth Murel Crum Jr May 25th 1994 (c)

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