A Fire in Gods House

How could someone's heart be so sick and hell bent?  How could someone be so evil to burn down a building that was heaven sent?  It matters not in Gods eyes or in his heart if the skin of his followers are red, yellow, black or white. In anger or hate to burn down the house of God just isn't right.

How could someone's heart be so full of vinegar and so full of hate?   To reach the inferno doors of Satan's house I guess they just can't wait.  With hearts that are so hell bent and full of hate, there is no way on earth their souls will ever make it through Heavens gates.

How could some be so blind that they cannot see?  Can't they see their not just hurting themselves; they are also hurting you and me.  With so much evil and sin in their hearts, with so much misery and hate in their hearts, souls like theirs will burn in the fires of hell for all eternity.

How, you ask, does God allow such a sin to exist?  Why doesn't he put an end to hate and evil with just the touch of his all mighty fist?  Does God truly allow sin and hate to exist? If good always conquers evil then what is God waiting for? Is all of this the work of Satan and his follower's evil wish?

How do we know this is the work of Satan?  Because this is not the work of God.
God does not allow such evil to exist; it's the work of Satan and his deceitful blitz.  When the man behind the pulpit spoke of hell fire and brimstone, I don't think that he meant for us to burn Gods house to the ground.

How I ask can we as a United Nation under God, how can we in the land of equality and freedom trod.   We as a God fearing Nation cannot let this evil work of Satan persist.  If we do, how can we the children of God, whether the color of our skin is red, yellow, black or white, how can we continue to exist?

                                       Kenneth Murel Crum Jr. June 17th 1996 ©

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