A father's love, a fathers touch the gleam in a little boy's eye's just knowing his father loves him so very much.

Fun and laughter as a little boy begins to grow up, heartache and tears and the teen-age years got rough.

The way that we would think, the dreams that we would dream, and most of all the words that we would say.

We would grow up, we would grow apart, but we still loved each other down deep in our hearts.

Father and son still get together from time to time and visit, a strong hand shake, and a friendly hello.

We talk of the good ol' days, days of sadness and joy, we spend all the time together that we can possibly take. 

We talk of happiness, the laughter, and the fun. A long time has passed in what seems like a very short time.

And once again it's time to say goodbye.  Never saying I love you, but always saying I can't wait to see you again, and hurry back soon.

I guess a father always knows that you love him, even though the words are seldom said or heard.

Knowing all this I'd just like to say "Father", I love you" and sometimes a boy's best Friend is his father.

                Witten by, Kenneth "Murel" Crum Jr

              Published in Poetic Voices of America Summer 1995
                                 Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum

            Also published in our local paper
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